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This is a great day to make a BIG impact

In our efforts to continue making positive change in the world, our focus for 2022 is to continue making an impact and improving lives through GOOD DEEDS When you place your order today, we will give a portion of that sale to our charity of the month. 

The National Fitness Foundation

Physical Inactivity Has Drastic Consequences

- 32% of children are overweight or obese

 - 70% of 17-to-24- year-olds do not qualify for the U.S. Military for health & fitness related issues

- $117 billion is spent annually on healthcare costs associated with physical inactivity

- Girls are 2x more likely to drop out of sports than their male peers by the age of 14.

- Children in poverty are 3x more likely to be physically inactive.

...and it's getting worse.

By 2030, Americans are projected to be half as active as they were in 1965. Currently, 71% of girls and 58% of boys fail to reach the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity.

Today’s youth have less access to sports programming than any previous generation.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has warned that physical inactivity and unequal opportunity have created a national health crisis for United States youth.

The Solution:

Physical education is the most evidenced-based solution to get students active today and fit for life. At the heart of the Foundation is the Presidential Youth Fitness Program, the national model for fitness education and assessment in schools.

Originally developed in 1966 under the Johnson administration as the Presidential Youth Fitness Test, the program focused on performance fitness and how a student tested in comparison to his or her peers.

The Obama administration rebranded the program in 2012 as the Presidential Youth Fitness Program with a refocus on health and to improve educational aspects.

The program modernized fitness education in school physical education classrooms by emphasizing student health, goal setting, and personal progress. 

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program drives excellence in physical education by providing free access to high-quality resources and tools, including:

  1. Online and in-person accredited training for physical educators
  2. The national youth fitness assessment standards
  3. Student & school recognition items
  4. Grants for equipment, professional development, recognition & more!

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