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This is a great day to make a BIG impact

In our efforts to continue making positive change in the world, our focus for 2023 is to continue making an impact and improving lives through GOOD DEEDS When you place your order today, we will give a portion of that sale to our charity of the month. 

The X3 Foundation

Attention all fitness enthusiasts!

At Max Muscle - Stone Mountain, we're passionate about not only helping you reach your health and fitness goals but also making a positive impact in the world through our charity division, GOOD DEEDS.

In 2023, we're continuing our efforts to improve lives and make a difference through GOOD DEEDS. And this month, we're proud to support The X3 Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping under-served youth live healthy and active lifestyles.

When you shop with us and place an order on our website, you'll be fueling your own fitness journey while also supporting The X3 Foundation. A portion of every sale this month will go directly to this worthy cause.

The X3 Foundation's mission is to inspire hope and promote personal development among under-served youth through fitness, health, and nutrition. By helping young people develop healthy habits and strong character traits, they aim to make a positive change in their lives and communities.

With a holistic after-school program serving over 100 youth in grades 6-12, The X3 Foundation offers fitness and sports classes, nutritional education and guidance, healthy meal assistance, talent and skills discovery and exploration, academic assistance and accountability, character and leadership development, community leadership and service projects, and program leadership opportunities.

So join us at Max Muscle - Stone Mountain in supporting The X3 Foundation and making a positive impact on the lives of under-served youth. Shop with us today and let's make a difference together through GOOD DEEDS!


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