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Do you want to transform your body but can't seem to break out of a rut? Have you read articles, watched videos, and listened to podcasts but still aren’t sure exactly how to put all the pieces together? Or maybe you know what to do but are struggling to stay on track?

And would you rather have an expert take you by the hand and just give you everything you need to build your best body ever? Custom diet and training plans, exercise technique coaching, emotional encouragement, accountability, and the rest of it? 

If so..., our MaxFormation fitness & nutrition challenge is for you.

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The MaxFormation 6 Week Fitness Challenge

Here at MMSN -Stone Mountain, we’ve created a way for you to get in the best shape of your life through a simple six-week process. Each week, you’ll feel the progress in your body, making it one of the most rewarding experiences. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or become healthier than ever before, our team can help. We’ll support you and create a personalized plan optimized for you.

What Is the 6-Week Fitness & Nutrition Challenge?

The 6-week challenge is a detailed and easy-to-follow plan to meet your goals. The goal is to use your desire and fuel it through a challenging yet rewarding process. You’ll follow steps many of our clients use to get results. You’ll have everything you need, including:

  • A support system of coaches and students who are also going through the program
  • A system that motivates you as you track progress each week
  • Tools that help you to track easier and make you accountable
  • Dedicated help from our sports nutrition team

The program is only $199, with a special 10% discount for those who sign up in groups. Invite your friends and family and get healthy together. With a team like ours at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition, you can focus on your goals and take steps to achieve them.

The program will contain your MaxFormation app, heart rate monitor, and a free 30-day supply of Max Multi-Vitamins. There is also an additional 20% off any supplement purchases you make during the challenge.

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The Benefits of Taking On the Challenge

Participating and committing to a challenge is a step in the right direction. You are saying that you want to make a lasting change and that you can become better than where you are right now. While it is possible to improve, you need expertise and accountability that only professionals can provide.

That’s where our MaxFormation challenge comes in. We’ve built a team and program, helping you from start to finish. You’ll get access to guides, communication, and tools at a fraction of the cost of other memberships. Not only that, but we’ve also opened the door to making exercise and food enjoyable. Better health doesn’t have to be restrictive and feel like a chore.

Most people who take the challenge transform their bodies and learn the skills needed to continue their fitness journey far beyond the six weeks.   

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Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coaches Guiding Your Every Step

Access to experts is one of the most significant advantages that the MaxFormation challenge provides. They will be the anchor that guides you toward your goals. One of the best ways to maximize your experience is to use coaching as much as possible. You’ll have someone assigned to you, and you can communicate privately through the MaxFormation app.

You’ll get notifications when you get a new message from your coach, so you don’t miss out on any vital tips and strategies. You’ll also have access to live appointments through a virtual meeting room. It is a one-on-one session where you’ll review progress together. You can use this early in the program and later on. The first session will help push you in the right direction. The latter checks your progress, with the coach providing adjustments as needed.

Overall, the significant benefits that the coaches provide are:

  • Real-time feedback and motivation
  • A detailed game plan that helps you with your specific goal
  • Track your progress throughout the six-week challenge.

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Custom Meal Plans

There is so much information out there about meal plans and diet plans that it can get overwhelming. People start believing there is a perfect weight loss plan that’s a best-kept secret among the highly successful. While a meal plan can work wonders for your body, it’s not about finding a specific ingredient or the perfect diet. Many methods work, but they mean little if you cannot commit to them.

Our goal is to help you stay consistent by finding a meal plan you can enjoy. Our goal is to provide different options depending on your goals and where you are relative to them. Food shouldn’t feel burdensome, and you don’t have to feel like you’re committing to a rigid structure. We’ll work on your terms and help create a plan.

We can create a list of ingredients you can eat or specific meals that maximize your nutrition. From there, we will help you track vital details. You’ll also get guides that build your skills for portions, food choices, and more. All in all, the custom meal plan helps to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Consistently good meals that stray away from the conventional diet while fulfilling your goals
  • A sensible nutrition plan with favorites, holidays, and special occasions in mind
  • Guides for portions, eating out, shopping, and more

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An Exercise Plan That Works for You

One of the challenges of following a strict exercise routine is you can get burned out fast. It’s boring to keep doing repetitive motions or the same type of exercise. With that in mind, we’ve created a way to move out of the mold, helping you get the desired results faster. Instead of a set exercise, we’ll set targets for you to follow. You and your coach will then discuss ways to reach that goal.

You can track your progress through the app, and you get to dictate how you reach your goals. Whether you love hiking, lifting, or yoga, everything is possible. 

You can track everything through your app’s dashboard on your phone. That way, you’ll understand where you are and what you need to do to achieve the challenge goals.

It isn’t about the type of exercise but the quality. All methods can work, provided you understand how much it helps and what you need to progress further. We’ll also set the plan to match your age and gender for a realistic target.

If you do happen to miss your goals, don’t sweat it. The plan is there to create consistency and ensure that you’re in a healthier state by the end of a challenge. You are still progressing, and you are steps closer toward your goal. Overall, the exercise plan:

  • Provides a clear route for you, removing the guesswork involved in exercise
  • Have a trainer? No problem. Follow your trainers workout but track them with our equipment.
  • Is flexible, where you do the work you want when you want
  • Matches your fitness goals and current level
  • Uses science to maximize every workout

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Dedicated Tools and Innovative Methods

We designed the MaxFormation app with many features to help you track progress, making it easy to see how you fare in the challenge. It saves a lot of time while providing a way to know where you are and what you need to do. The app has features that integrate with your fitness, including a wearable heart rate monitor. You can use it while fulfilling your exercise plan to see if you’re reaching your goals.

It can also track your weight loss and body fat analysis. You’ll see weekly progress that backs up your before and after photos. The app also connects you to your coaches, allowing you to communicate through messages and videos.

Overall, the app gives you a way to measure progress. It tracks your accumulated exercise and heart rate while being a resource for any information you need. Our team also diligently posts additional articles to help you with food, workouts, and more. It’s the pin that holds everything together.

We’re also working hard to ensure that our challenge provides the best experience. We’re open to feedback, and always looking to improve user experience. To summarize, the challenge helps:

  • Track exercise progress through several tools and reports
  • Provide resources on nutrition and a guide on how to execute your meal plan
  • Creating a direct line to your coach who’ll help you reach your goals
  • Weekly body fat analysis 

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Sign up for the Six Week Challenge Today

Anyone is capable of taking the six-week challenge and seeing significant progress in their health. We’ve received testimonies from clients who’ve lost weight, progressed their muscle growth, and improved their fitness. Our goal is to give them the tools and motivation needed to take them to the next level.

Are you ready for the challenge? It will be the path to open you up to lasting results. Contact us today for more details and how you can sign up for your challenge.

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