Max Muscle Reviews

  1. First thing when it comes to purchasing any and all self improvement products is Trust in the person you’re getting them from. Knowledge is next and the ability to communicate the specifics of the product and explain how they will apply to you needs. I found all of this here and have been back multiple times for more items to help me attain my goals. I highly recommended this place!

    Toy McCoy
  2. The owner is super nice! And went out of his way to help me figure out the best approach when it comes to sticking to a healthy eating lifestyle. I love the protein and glutamine he recommended. He’s super knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable when explaining the inbody analysis. Definitely recommend! Will be returning.

    Bailey Paulovich
  3. Michael is super knowledgeable and friendly. it was my first time buying anything to help with weight loss & nutrition so I was stumped but he really knows what he’s talking about lol I ended up buying some emerge and it works well! great store & service :)

    Alayna Calatayud
  4. I’ve received multiple body analysis over the past year and a half at Max Muscle & each time Mr. Pringle does an amazing job at explaining the results in a way that’s easy to understand. He’s very knowledgeable and you can tell he loves teaching about nutrition & fitness. He even took the time to break down my TDEE numbers. I highly recommend stopping by to see him in Stone Mountain!

    Jasmine Hulin
  5. My experience thus far has been pleasant and well worth every penny. My analysis was informative and all the data was clearly explained. I received my customized meal plan on the day stated and the recipies were easy to prepare and tasty.

    Tammy Rogers
  6. My experience as a first time customer. Felt like the selection was very slim and staff was not helpful or engaging in my opinion. Better off ordering online and have a real selection to choose from.

    Michael Budish
  7. Michael P. is the best advice and proven products that has helped me reach my personal fitness goals.

    Eric Medina
  8. Hands down these supplements are better than anything GNC and or Vitamin Shoppe has to offer. When I invest my money into their products I get better results! I have been a customer about a year now and just experimenting with buying products from GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Max Muscle. Max Muscle hands down has the best products in which I see much better results. I don’t care about any sell or discounts these other Supplements stores try to provide because their products simply don’t work, on the other hand these products work!

    Armhaad Asbury
  9. Good service with detailed and useful information to help me reach my fitness goals.

    Andre Stewart
  1. Mike was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job explaining my body composition. Our conversation really helped to reshape my health and fitness goals.

    Shana Rushing
  2. Absolutely the best hands down. I go out of my way to purchase here, I wouldn't even consider purchasing supplements from anywhere else.

    Jarell Sheffield
  3. Michael was knowledgeable. Good vibes. Honest. I’ll be going back.

    Two Tone
  4. Max Muscle’s products helped me to achieve and maintain my fitness goal. The owner is an expert on health and fitness and was able to break down the why and what of the products he sold me.

    Brandon Cheatham
  5. Did the physical analysis-great information. Michael was great, and very knowledgeable! He took the time to explain test results, and recommendations to set and meet health and fitness goals.

  6. I have decided to make this Max Muscle location my "Go To" for my Nutrition Needs. We don't have one close to us in Fort Wayne, IN. Michael was very professional, accommodating and quick to reply with my questions. My order was shipped out quicker than anticipated and packaged to prevent damage. Well done Max Muscle Stone Mountain! You have one happy customer!

    Michelle Noll
  7. I ordered the collagen peptides max sculpt Natural Mango flavor for my skin. I received the order in a few days, which I was happy about. The product also promotes hair, nails, joints, muscles, tendons,ligaments, bones, blood vessels and other connective tissues. I literally started feeling the effects in 2 days after playing tennis competitively. I can’t wait to try other flavors.

    Carol Johnson
  8. I have been a going to this location for a year to get my body analysis, protein, and various supplements. Mike has always been friendly and passionate about wanting to see his customers reach their fitness goals. Most recently I decided I wanted to get a custom meal plan done in order to help me reach my goals of losing body fat and gaining lean muscle mass. Mike did the meal plan for me and he was available for any questions. After 1 week on Mike's meal plan i lost 4lbs, -2% of body fat.

    Stephanie W
  9. Good products, and then there is a pretty wise young fella who operates the Stone Mountain location. He’s professional, personable and when needed he’s quite candid. His insights are remarkably timely and have been a tremendous aid to my wellness efforts. Never thought that I was any kind of physical exception, but in the gym and running at my age, AND when I look around the gym (not being judgemental because we are all STILL developing) I'm quite happy with results. Still got some serious work to do, but Max Muscle/Michael Pringle is making a big difference.

    Anthony Garvin
  10. We lost our MM in Tennessee. I called a couple different locations and Mike in Stone Mountain is hands down the best MM I have dealt with. No matter how busy he is, he always takes time and takes care of his customers. He has been shipping supplements to me for months now.

    Mike Morgan
  11. The owner Mike Pringle is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and will take his time to help you get the proper supplements for your workout and goals. Mike has really helped my son reach his target goals and excel on the field during his college soccer career. I highly recommend Max Muscle Nutrition and Mike Pringle for all your supplement needs.

    Patrick Griffin