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The Power of Max L-Citrulline for Enhanced Workout Performance

Now that we have the backdrop, let us introduce our latest innovation, specially designed to optimize your health, fitness, and performance from the cellular level outward, Max L-Citrulline. Max L-Citrulline is a pure amino acid product with an array of uses that spans all areas of a proper health and fitness regimen for athletes and individuals alike!

What Is Max L-Citrulline?

Max L-Citrulline contains an ultra pure, potent form of the naturally occurring amino acid, L-Citrulline. L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is already present in your body, albeit at potentially sub-optimal levels. This key nutrient acts as a precursor in the production of L-Arginine in the synthesis process of nitric oxide (NO).

If this looks familiar, it’s because many pre-workout and performance products count these as ingredients. Nitric oxide is a key regulator of blood flow via supporting the expansion of blood vessels and is a vital player in cellular energy metabolism by supporting mitochondrial respiration during exercise. NO delivers optimal oxygen and nutrient supply to working muscle tissues.


What Can L-Citrulline Supplementation Do?

Many benefits are to be had from L-Citrulline supplementation. According to numerous studies, via the conversion of L-Citrulline to L-Arginine, supplementation can support enhanced blood flow via nitric oxide (NO) production. This translates to a sustained, optimized muscle ‘pump’-this isn’t just vanity, either-this is a visual representation of muscle growth. Muscle growth is enhanced via muscle protein synthesis (MPS), which is a repairing process of micro-tears produced during many forms of exercise. When you see a muscle ‘pump’, it means nitric oxide is expanding blood vessels, improving blood flow, and delivering the requisite nutrients to the muscles to enhance this recovery/growth process.

This unique amino acid also improves endurance and sport performance. A downstream effect of exercise means that muscles develop oxidative stress, which increases ammonia content in the muscles. Recent studies have shown that L-Citrulline not only detoxifies ammonia, reducing fatigue in endurance and strength athletes, but also heightens ATP levels (your energy currency) and fights the free radicals produced during training.

Furthermore, studies have demonstrated L-Citrulline fortifies the immune system via the aforementioned antioxidant function and ammonia detoxification mechanisms. Some literature has even observed subjective increases in cognition and mental acuity.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Max L-Citrulline?


Max L-Citrulline is an ultra-pure amino acid pre-workout catalyst. Used alone or added to a pre-workout mix, Max L-Citrulline:

• Delivers Sustained Muscle Pump. Through the conversion of L-Citrulline to L-Arginine, the body supports and sustains blood flow by creating nitric oxide (NO), a.k.a. the feeling in your muscles of “the pump”.

• Aids in Muscle Growth. Muscles grow and strengthen when repairing small micro-tears produced during exercise. This process is called Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS). When nitric oxide expands blood vessels and improves blood flow, it helps shuttle the right nutrients to the muscles to increase muscle growth, strength, and performance.†

• Improves Endurance and Overall Sports Performance. When undergoing rigorous exercise, muscles develop oxidative stress, which increases ammonia in the muscles. Recent studies have shown that L-Citrulline not only detoxifies ammonia, reducing fatigue in endurance and strength athletes, but also increases ATP levels and fights free radicals produced during exercise.

Who Can Use Max L-Citrulline?

The beauty of Max L-Citrulline is that its intended user can be anyone on a spectrum of those looking to restore and optimize health, to those looking to enhance athletic or in-gym performance.  This means that athletes, individuals, and professionals can benefit from L-Citrulline supplementation because of its unique array of benefits. Both men and women can introduce this amino acid to their health, fitness, and performance regimens.

How Do You Take Max L-Citrulline?

Max L-Citrulline has an intended dose of one scoop, providing six grams of the highest quality, pure L-Citrulline. This nutrient can be taken as a standalone ingredient on an empty stomach in the morning for the pure health optimization crowd. Those looking to improve in-gym training or athletic performance can take it within 30 minutes prior to exercise, as per numerous studies’ recommended dosage and timing.

Additionally, Max L-Citrulline can be added to preexisting formulas as a boost, be it a health smoothie/blend, custom pre-workout mix, or to pre-formed pre-workout products. Always be sure to consult with a health professional prior to taking any new supplement or making any new health & fitness modification.

Some other products that can be combined with Max L-Citrulline for the targeted outcome of enhanced sport or training performance are CarnoSyn Beta Alanine, Max Creatine, CX3, StimoVEX, Max Glutamine, and Pro BCAA.

Use Max L-Citrulline during your next workout and experience the performance benefits you’ve been missing.

By Matt Cooper


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