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Student-Athletes Reveal Winning Secrets

Justin Medeiros, 18 
Sports: Wrestling, Football, CrossFit
Supplement Stack: Max ARM, Pro BCAA

Hard work pays off for Justin Medeiros, a recent graduate of Lodi High School in Lodi, California. He won medals at the Sac-Joaquin Section Masters Tournament and the California Interscholastic Federation State Wrestling Championships, as well as other local and state titles for wrestling and football.

Recently, Medeiros placed 15th in the CrossFit Games California regional event where he faced many fierce and experienced competitors. And, he earned a first-place win at the teenage competition, Miami Wodapalooza Fitness Festival.

“CrossFit makes you have to be good everything – strength and cardio,” Medeiros said. “You have to be an all-around great athlete. It’s always different and always fun.”

This fall, Medeiros will start attending Boise State University and continue to train and compete with CrossFit.

Andrew Costamagna, franchisee of the Max Muscle Nutrition store in Lodi, credits Medeiros’ success to his strong work ethic. Costamagna works with Medeiros to help him achieve prime athletic fitness and strength along with optimum nutrition.

“Justin is one of the hardest working student-athletes I have ever had the pleasure of knowing,” Costamagna said. “He gives 110 percent to everything he does: school, diet, training, family, and anything else he is tasked with. Justin exemplifies everything a student-athlete should strive to be and is a perfect example of what a Max Muscle athlete is all about.”

Costamagna worked with Medeiros to regulate his intake of protein and carbohydrates, helping him understand how to use food and supplements as fuel for athletic performance.

“All the Max Muscle products made me feel really good,” Medeiros said. “They help me recover fast, gain muscle, and get the vitamins I need. Andrew works with me to go over my diet and nutrition.”

Quinton Stringfellow, 16 
Sport: Track and Field Events: Long Jump, Triple Jump, Relays
Supplement Stack: Max ARM, CX3, Max Carnosyn, and Pro BCAA

The thrill of winning keeps 16-year-old Quinton Stringfellow training hard and eating right. As a long jumper, triple jumper, and relay runner for Lincoln Way East High School in Frankfort, Illinois, Stringfellow has broken school records and won a state championship.

“I love the excitement of competition and the challenge to do my personal best,” Stringfellow said. “You won’t win all the time, but if you do better each time, it’s a great feeling.”

Stringfellow is coached by his dad, himself a track and field athlete, who taught his son how to achieve form and speed. They work on training both on and off season. “If I don’t train, I won’t win,” Stringfellow said. “Practice is very important. You have to work hard every day.”

In addition to working hard, Stringfellow focuses on nutrition. He credits his mom for ensuring that he eats healthy foods—lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. When his mom suggested he look into supplements and advice from the Max Muscle Nutrition store in nearby Tinley Park, Quinton agreed.

“I was skinny and weak and needed more muscle,” Stringfellow said. “I heard a lot of athletes go to Max, and the people there really know what they’re talking about. After working with them, I lost body fat and gained a lot of muscle. I ran faster and jumped higher.”

Stringfellow met with Matt Gintilas, franchisee of the Max Msucle store in Tinley Park. They discussed diet and weight training as well as supplements to combat muscle fatigue and cramping.

“I did a little bit of homework and put together a package that really helped with all of his issues and even took him beyond where he thought he could go,” Gintilas said. “Within one month, Quinton showed large increases in muscle mass, the muscle fatigue was eliminated, and his times out of the blocks were greatly improved. He went from winning every race to dominating every race.”

Justin Dillon, 23 
Sport: Baseball
Position: Pitcher Supplement Staple: MaxPro Elite Protein

Perhaps every boy who grows up playing baseball dreams of the major league. For Justin Dillion, 23, that dream started to become a reality when he graduated this year from Sacramento State University and was drafted by the Vancouver Canadians, a minor league affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Dillon played baseball, football, and basketball in high school in Placerville, California. His passion, though, was baseball and he felt a competitive drive to keep achieving at higher levels.

“Every day you have a chance to get better or worse,” Dillon said. “And, someone else has that same opportunity. You have to work hard every day to be the best you can be – mentally and physically.”

Dillon developed this philosophy while recovering from two major injuries, one to a ligament in his elbow and one to his psoas muscle. Despite being unable to practice for a time, Dillon learned that even when his body is exhausted, he has to keep his mind engaged.

“Those two injuries taught me that even when I wasn’t on the field, I could learn from others,” Dillon said. “I talked to other pitchers, to my teammates, I read about the game, and I kept visualizing success.”

As part of Dillon’s devotion to physical and mental health, he worked with Jon Meyer, franchise owner of the Max Muscle Nutrition store in Placerville. Meyer taught Dillon about nutrition and what the human body needs to function at an athletic level.

“I take MaxPro protein before and after my workout,” Dillon said. “I use it to help gain lean muscle. The carbs and calories are low so it helps me maintain and keep my body right.”

By Jessica Wyland

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