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Harness Perpetual Pump for Every Workout!

Since its inception, Max Muscle Nutrition has delivered the highest quality formulations in performance enhancement, fitness optimization, and physique remodeling. nitroVEX is a reflection of new developments and understanding in performance biochemistry. So if you’re looking to build lean body mass, enhance your training, or boost athletic performance. nitroVEX is a major key.


What Is nitroVEX?

nitroVEX is a unique formula of 10 key ingredients, scientifically designed to optimize muscle growth and performance via promoting efficient blood flow to support vascular architecture. This translates to the muscular ‘pumped’ appearance that bodybuilders and gym-goers have referenced for generations.

This blood flow support also aids in ATP (energy) production, which is akin to your body’s cellular energy currency. Furthermore, nitroVEX enhances nutrient delivery while also providing benefit to the muscular recovery process. This also spills over into benefits from antioxidants as well as increases in training and athletic performance.

Our belief in the fact that everything is related in the functional systems model of the body is the basis for your health driving your performance, for which nitroVEX is a potent representation. The 10 scientifically formulated ingredients from proper sourcing and efficacious doses maximizes the body’s natural production of nitric oxide (NO).

What Does nitroVEX Do?

nitroVEX is based on observed results and studies on ergogenic biochemistry. The 10 key ingredients in the nitroVEX formula work synergistically as a decentralized economy to enhance your performance and fitness, while providing additional health benefits. This formula is driven by VASO6, a natural green tea extract, along with supporting nitric oxide-boosting ingredients (L-Citrulline and L-Arginine) as well as resveratrol, quercetin, vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, and magnesium glycinate.

The essential health and performance benefits of nitroVEX are vascular architecture support, promotion of efficient blood flow for ATP energy production, enhanced nutrient delivery, quality muscle recovery, immune system fortification, plus additional antioxidant and performance returns.

Nitrix oxide (NO) is an important signaling molecule involved in a multitude of physiological processes under the hood in the body. NO is synthesized from the amino acid L-Arginine via nitric oxide synthase (NOS). L-Citrulline is created as a by-product of the NOS biochemical reaction and then recycled back in the form of L-Arginine.

Though NOS comes in three iterations, the type found in vascular muscle cells is the most critical for athletic performance, fitness, and muscle growth. NO drives vasodilation (pump), optimizing nutrient delivery to skeletal muscles, supporting blood flow, as well as oxygen transport (ATP process).

All of this translates to enhancing your health, fitness, and performance goals!

Who is nitroVEX for?

nitroVEX is designed for those looking for a safe but potent way to enhance the natural processes of the body to support performance, physique development, while also providing ample health benefits. Both men and women can use nitroVEX, too. Anyone on a spectrum of athletes, endurance athletes, gym-goers, and those looking to enhance their physique can use this formulation for high-end results!

How Do You Take nitroVEX?

Based on studies, scientific literature, and understanding, it is best to consume nitroVEX approximately 30 minutes prior to exercise or competition to the tune of four capsules. nitroVEX can also be combined with other products to create a synergistic effect for optimal fitness, athletic performance, and/or muscle growth.

A sample nutrition system could include a combination of nitroVEX with Max Muscle Nutrition’s Pro BCAA, Max Creatine, and/or CarnoSyn Beta Alanine for athletic performance.  For muscle growth, consider nitroVEX with Max Creatine and MyT. Be sure to consult with a qualified health professional as well as your Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach at Max Muscle Nutrition prior to taking nitroVEX or making any changes to your health and fitness routine.

By Matt Cooper

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