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Get the Body You Want with This Cutting-Edge Formula

When we hear “weight loss” as a goal from our customers, we know what they really want is to lose fat. Therefore, the general goal should be to build lean muscle mass while burning body fat.

The product development team at Max Muscle Nutrition has developed a formula to support this very goal in conjunction with resistance training. It’s called MaxiCOR and it can help you with your New Year’s Resolutions to get in the best shape ever. Let’s throw out the notion of “weight loss,” and shoot for “body recomposition” instead.

Here’s a brief primer on how MaxiCOR can help support your goals to build lean muscle and burn fat.

What does MaxiCOR do?

MaxiCOR is designed as the ultimate body recomposition solution. This means that it both supports lean muscle growth as well as fat loss-simultaneously! Does that sound too good to be true? The reality is that health drives performance, fitness, and physique. The healthier you get, the better you’re supporting any combination of fitness, athletic performance, and/or physique goals.

Think of a Venn diagram. This is why crash dieting or eating everything in sight to get big are dead strategies, and, to be honest, they never were good ones. An 8-week study conducted at Mary Hardin-Baylor in Texas using the primary ingredient, physiCOR, yielded results of test subjects gaining on average 3.9 lbs. of lean body mass while simultaneously dropping 3.8 lbs. of body fat. MaxiCOR also boasts performance enhancement to fuel your workout or day by providing energy and focus. The same study featured increases in measured muscle strength in leg press and bench press.

Vanessa Nelson of Corona, CA has enjoyed great early onset progress with MaxiCOR : “I’ve been using MaxiCOR for about three weeks now. I’ve lost 2 lbs. without changing other habits and didn’t put on any vacation weight gain because I was using it,” she said. “I like that is suppresses my appetite but doesn’t make me wired or jittery. I highly recommend.”


What is MaxiCOR?

MaxiCOR is a science-driven and high quality formula designed to promote body re-composition acceleration in healthy individuals when combined with resistance training or physical exercise. MaxiCOR combines the benefits of four carefully selected powerful ingredients including fenugreek, berberine, bitter orange extract, and ashwagandha extract to facilitate your body transformation goals. These key ingredients are what drive the multi-factorial benefit of MaxiCOR, including effects on energy, focus, appetite suppression, body recomposition (the build and burn effect), as well as fitness and athletic performance.

Andy Sambuceto of Clackamas, Oregon is a fan of the effects, noting, “I have been taking MaxiCOR for about two weeks, and I absolutely love it! When working out, I feel like I can keep going and add an extra set or two!”


Who is MaxiCOR for?

MaxiCOR is for athletes, individuals, and professionals looking to further drive their health, fitness, and/or performance by accelerating their energy, focus, performance, lean muscle growth, and fat loss. It is the wide variety of benefits that make this potent formula a win for just about any goal.

“I have been in ketosis and I have lost 130 lbs., but sometimes my workouts hit a wall because I don’t have any carbs,” said Jeff “Gator” Calhoun of Modesto, CA. Jeff’s health and fitness status may warrant a lower carbohydrate approach for the time being, but that doesn’t mean he has to suffer a lower quality of performance for any glycolytic activity (carb-dominant training, such as resistance training). “MaxiCOR has changed that. I don’t hit a wall anymore. I have more endurance, I’m stronger, and my last weigh-in was the lowest yet, both in body fat percentage and in weight. This stuff is awesome!”

MaxiCOR can be taken as part of a balanced health and fitness regimen. Be sure to consult with your doctor before starting on any new supplement regimens or exercise programs. Also, stop in and speak with one of our Certified Fitness Nutrition Coaches at Max Muscle Nutrition to see what the best practices are for this product and whether it’s a good fit for you. Whether your goal is health, fitness, and/or performance, we’ve got you covered with MaxiCOR for support!

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By Matt Cooper, CFNC


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