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Fat Loss Without the Burn

Every year we set goals with the best of intentions, but sometimes life sneaks in and throws us a curve ball. Consistency is one of the major stumbling blocks people encounter, especially when weight loss is a goal. Max Muscle Nutrition has four products, each with a specific purpose, to help you reinvigorate your commitment to YOU and to help you make your weight-loss goals a reality!


 The good news in the battle to budge the pudge is you don’t need crazy stimulants that make you feel like jumping out of your skin to burn fat. Max Muscle Nutrition has great alternatives that can increase fat burning without burning you out!

One of the best is Max CLA. CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) specially modified from safflower oil. CLA is the fat component of the cell membrane, and contrary to knee jerk reactions, you have to have fat to get fit! CLA comes from foods like dairy products and meats, but modern food processing methods have dramatically decreased the CLA naturally found in our diets. Our obsession with low fat foods also contributes to the problem.

One of the original people involved with developing and marketing CLA was Gwen Kent. Initially, she says, people had a hard time understanding the value of CLA when it comes to weight loss because it actually promotes lean body mass. She notes that when “we changed the messaging to ‘Lose a pant size,’” then people got it! Sometimes it’s difficult to connect the dots that increasing lean body mass also means decreasing in size.

Bill Gottlieb, co-author with Harry Preuss, MD, of The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy, says CLA is one of the most unique and effective weight loss supplements. “Without any change in diet or exercise, studies show you lose approximately four pounds of fat and gain four pounds of muscle [in 12 weeks] – that’s remarkable. Plus, if you do go on a diet, research shows CLA can help reduce the lethargy and depression many people experience while dieting.”

Clinical research published in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that taking 3.5 grams of CLA contributed to lipolysis (breaking up the fat in fat cells into fatty acids) along with the breakdown of stored fat in skeletal muscle.

Riley Roe, 26, a customer of the Max Muscle store in Colorado, has been taking Max Muscle Nutrition’s Max CLA for close to a year and he said he loves it. “I have noticed an increase in energy during my endurance training and activities and an awesome boost in my results in the gym,” said the former college rugby player, who now is a multi-sport athlete. “I continue to get leaner and build more lean body mass. I believe that this product has helped me chisel my way down from a bulky 186 (pounds) to a still lean, mean 156. You gotta love having a smaller waistline than you did when you were in high school.”

For those with thyroid issues, Mary Shomon, NY Times Best-selling author and patient advocate for hypothyroidism, points out that CLA may be a great resource for those who cannot exercise vigorously but often struggle with weight issues. In her column on About.com, Shomon has a whole list of extra reasons why CLA is a great alternative, including immune system support, enhanced muscle growth and better cholesterol balance.

Max CLA provides 1,500mg of superior CLA in each dose, so it’s easy to get those clinical results!

Max LiquiCarn

 Another resource for fat burning either for weight loss or for added fuel for your muscles while working out is Max LiquiCarn, comprised of l-Carnitine. Athletes have been using l-Carnitine to delay the onset of fatigue during workouts and competition, but l-Carnitine is essential to fat burning. Max LiquiCarn provides a fast-acting, more bioavailable form for quicker results. Just ask Renee Whiten who found herself turning 40 with three kids and too much weight on her frame.

After working out consistently, Renee hit a plateau. Rather than give up, she consulted with Max Muscle’s Bobbi VanHorne in Kennesaw, Georgia. In addition to MaxPro for a quality protein source and Max Vit-Acell for a daily multi-vitamin/multi-mineral supplement, Bobbi suggested Renee add Max LiquiCarn before each workout. As a result, Renee was able to burn even more fat and blast through her plateau! “My body fat has been reduced by 7 percent in the past 4 months and I’m excited to see the changes my body will undergo in the next 4 months!” she said.

Cleanse & Lean


Oftentimes one of the obstacles to weight loss and a flatter tummy is digestive issues. Max Muscle’s Cleanse & Lean offers a way to remove excess water, bloating and built-up waste from your digestive tract without any habit-forming or damaging botanicals.

Irregularity and bloating can make a big difference in how you feel and how you look. Kimmie Cominsky, 42, decided to take life by the horns when she suddenly found herself weighing 210 pounds as her 20 year high school reunion approached. She dropped to 155 pounds, admittedly doing yo-yo dieting and crash-course workout sessions. But she wanted more. She decided to go to a training studio for boot camp classes. “I walked in and saw pictures of figure competitors at the ripe ol’ age of 35-45. I thought to myself, ‘I can do that!’”

At the prompting of her training coach, who said she needed to do a good cleanse before taking fat burners, she visited her local Max Muscle store in Lone Tree, Colorado, where they recommended Cleanse & Lean. “Cleanse & Lean really helped jump-start my weight loss efforts and made me feel lighter and less bloated,” Kimmie said. “After starting in May, I went from 157 pounds and 21 percent body fat to 125 pounds and 11.7 percent body fat by October 22, 2011, [which was] my first body building show.” Kimmie placed 3rd in the Master’s division at the GNC Colorado Natural competition. “I couldn’t be more proud for my first show. The way I see it, I already won with the goal I set out and completed.”

Quadra Cuts Night-Time

 It might sound strange, but Quadra Cuts Night Time helps you keep the fat burning on high – while you sleep! This metabolic activator includes four proven fat loss accelerators along with key ingredients that also help you relax and get a restful night’s sleep. Customers become raving fans of this product, but so do the folks who work for Max Muscle!

Joey Boyens, franchisee of the Max Muscle in Des Moines, Iowa, said he’s been using Quadra Cuts Night-Time for the last six months. “I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night and this product has really helped me to relax and get some rest. Sleep is the original reason I took the product, but in doing so I have lost about 3 percent body fat. I have not changed my diet or exercise routine much during this time frame – if anything, it has been worse – so I attribute the fat loss to Quadra Cuts Night-Time. I order it by the case for myself so I never run out at home!”

Stack ‘Em Up                                                      

Are you looking to create a gentle but full, round-the-clock support system for yourself? The good news is that you can stack all four of these products together throughout your day to turbo-charge your weight loss and fitness program and help you meet your fitness goals with sure-fire success.

Max CLA, Cleanse & Lean, Quadra Cuts Night-Time, and Max LiquiCarn all provide a quadruple-action and systematic approach to safe and effective weight loss,” said Phillip W. Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN, CNS, Chief Scientific Officer at Max Muscle Corporate USA. “Each product is designed to attack fat and weight loss by different physiological mechanisms. CLA for body composition changes, Cleanse & Lean by intestinal elimination and water loss, LiquiCarn for non-stimulating fat metabolism and Quadra Cuts Night-Time, which provides non-thermogenic fat-blasting factors throughout the night. Your body fat and weight will surrender to this arsenal of products.”

By Lisa Moretti

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