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Can You Build Muscle With Vegan Protein?

Can You Build Muscle With Vegan Protein?

With regard to muscle building and nutrition as a whole, those interested in fitness have always looked for the best ways to get into shape. Those in the know will be aware that a significant amount of protein is necessary for both growth and muscle repair. If you cannot hit a particular target, then you will not build the muscle you desire. 

A lot of questions have been raised regarding veganism and the ability to grow muscle as a vegan. The idea is that they cannot get enough protein to build and sustain. There are many, many vegan activists out there, however, who are in tremendous shape. 

Here we're going to discuss muscle-building, vegan protein, and whether building muscle can be done with this kind of diet/lifestyle: 

How Is Muscle Built?

Muscle is built through a muscle-building diet. This involved a calorie surplus with correct macros all at the right times. A significant amount of protein is needed, alongside carbohydrates and fats. If one does not intake the required nutrients, they will not build muscle. You cannot get the results you want without a calorie surplus and the right amount of protein.

What Are The Traditional Sources Of Protein?

Typically, fitness fanatics would point towards the likes of chicken, fish, eggs, red meats, and plenty of other animal products. This is because that's what has always been around. We, as a society, are used to seeing carnivores as powerful, strong people. The idea that plant-based diets and vegan diets could create the same results seemed alien. 

Protein shakes and other supplements have also been used aplenty over the past decade or so.

Which Vegan Food Yield High Protein?

A vegan diet has lots of positives – regardless of the opinions of many. One of the positives for those looking to build muscle is the fact that it can yield a huge amount of protein each day. Those looking for over 200 grams per day will still be able to achieve that, contrary to popular belief. Many plant products contain lots of protein that help with muscle growth. The likes of soybeans and quinoa work amazingly. If you're hoping to learn about sources of plant-based protein, then you can head onto dedicated vegan sites and pick up so much information. Entire high-protein diets can be formed using strictly a vegan diet.

What Supplements Are Out There For Vegans?

Thankfully for vegans and those interested in the vegan lifestyle, protein is readily available via online shipping. Plant-based proteins such as, Ambrosia's Planta, Titan Nutrition's VEGAN, and NutraBio's Plant Protein all available at Max Muscle have more than enough to provide as their collection of supplements extend far beyond what you might initially expect. All made using vegan means, you can get your hands on protein powders and other supplements simply and quickly – all for a good price. 


At the end of the day, vegan protein provides the exact same result as so-called regular protein. It's a macronutrient that is within every cell in the body. If you intake enough, you will build muscle at the same rate as those with a carnivore diet. Vegan protein supplements and natural meals will always do a fantastic job for the mind and body as you look to get into the shape you want. 

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