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A Vegan-Friendly Protein? Yes, Please!

Naturliga is a new and exciting all-natural, plant-based vegan protein. It provides a pure and high quality pea protein isolate, delivering 16 grams protein and 9 grams of fiber per serving. It is dairy and soy free, gluten free, cholesterol free, and is non-GMO as well. Made with natural flavors and sans any artificial colors, Naturliga is simply an all-around clean, lean protein. It is easily digested, hypoallergenic and perfect for vegans/vegetarians (or anyone) looking for a great tasting and satisfying protein shake.

Naturliga contains pea protein isolate derived from Canadian yellow peas, which offers a high level of quality composition (no more chalkiness!), and is designed to optimize positive nitrogen balance and support weight management, satiety, and lean muscle. This vegetarian protein delivers a high level of functionality and nutrition to its users. Published research shows that vegetable proteins are as effective in enhancing muscle protein synthesis and recovery compared to whey protein in addition to offering other nutritional benefits.

The pea protein isolate found in Naturliga is a completely pure, hypoallergenic, plant-based protein with a potent assortment of branched chain amino acids, which offer tremendous value for muscular recovery, anti-catabolism, and muscle growth. In fact, the amino acid profile contained within Naturliga is similar to whey protein, which is considered by industry-leading experts to be the king as far as protein supplements are concerned. Furthermore, the amino acid profile found in Naturliga is especially rich in L-glutamine and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. This makes Naturliga a fantastic option for recovery from exercise and as a means to enrich your consumption of amino acids.

 In addition to being a highly bioavailable source of amino acids, Naturliga is a protein that digests at a medium pace. In comparison, whey protein (especially whey protein isolate) digests at an incredibly fast rate. The takeaway is that while Naturliga absorbs fast enough to be consumed post-exercise, it’s more steady, measured rate of absorption makes it ideal as a meal addition or replacement, should you run the risk of missing a meal. Plus, if you are a vegan or vegetarian, that means you can feel more satiated from your protein shake rather than feeling hungrier sooner.

Naturliga also boasts stacked fiber content at 9 grams per scoop, which will tremendously boost feelings of satiety and also support healthy digestion. At only 125 calories per serving with only a single gram each of both fat and sugar in contrast to 16 grams of protein per serving, Naturliga is a clean, lean option for anyone looking to bolster their protein intake for any reason.

Don’t just listen to the science. The people have spoken, too! Satisfied customers everywhere are using Naturliga for a variety of reasons, and are loving it. “I still use a whey protein post-exercise, but I’ve begun to incorporate Naturliga in case I miss a meal,” says Jeff Snyder of Monterey, CA. “I don’t want to take in an abundance of dairy, or one source of protein, so I use Naturliga to vary my protein intake to ensure I get a vast array of amino acids.”

Others, such as Megan Noelle of Petaluma, CA, are using Naturliga as their go-to protein. “I’ve never had a plant-based protein that offers so much nutritional value, mixes this well, and tastes this good!” she said.

There you have it…Naturliga: clean, lean, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, artificial sweetener-free, artificial color-free, easily-digested, easily-mixed, and straight up delicious plant-based protein! 


 Matt Cooper, CFNC

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