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24-Hour Fat Loss

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill. Health and fitness is a way of life, not a destination. Being in shape requires consistency. It takes eating healthy, exercising, resting, being mindful, and some other intangibles. Thankfully most of these can become habits, but if you’re in start-up mode, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The more things to do that can be done more or less without excessive thought and effort, the better, right? That’s why the team at Max Muscle Nutrition has come up with the 24/7 Burn System to help you put fat loss supplementation on autopilot using Emerge HC and Quadra Cuts Night-Time!

So, what are these fat loss tools and what do they do? Let’s start with Emerge HC. Emerge HC (HC stands for hardcore) was developed to be the premier and most powerful fat loss product available. The key features of Emerge HC are the ThermoMax Blend that contains caffeine, Gynostemma pentaphyllum, berberine, green tea extract, and yohimbine, and the Emerge Hardcore Blend that contains Advantra Z, Quercetin, TeaCrine, and Cissus quadrangularis. These ingredients are supported by published clinical scientific evidence for safety and efficacy to suppress appetite, provide maximum calorie burning, increase metabolic thermogenesis, support a positive mood, and increase mental clarity, focus, and motivation.

Emerge HC is a fat loss revolution with benefits that can ultimately lead to enhanced lean body composition changes. “I’ve been on Emerge HC on and off for a while now,” says David Gross, 34, of San Anselmo and Max Muscle Nutrition North Bay. “I love the energy, focus, and fat loss it provides!”

The ingredients found in the Emerge HC formula are backed by clinical data to enhance energy and weight-loss results. Furthermore, the combined results of their synergy together can result in supporting a multi-factorial weight-loss effect, essentially meaning you can tackle your goals from multiple angles. “I believe in using fat burners like this to accelerate my progress and build off a solid nutritional foundation,” says Min Sohn, public health and health science student at Dominican University in San Rafael, CA.

Emerge’s partner in crime is Quadra Cuts Night Time! This unique fat-loss formula is designed for adults to help sustain maximum calorie burning during sleeping hours. Unlike some fat-loss formulas that leave you feeling over-stimulated and restless in the evening, Quadra Cuts Night-Time provides the requisite fat-burning factors throughout the night and assists you in sleeping by combining gentle, but effective sleep aids to promote a great night’s sleep. “I can’t do the stimulants later in the day,” says Eric Ainsworth, 30, of Orange, CA. “Quadra Cuts Night-Time is ideal for me so I can support my fat loss goals without sacrificing sleep.”

The science supports the supplement’s message and purpose about the tie-in between sleep and weight loss, too. The studies continue to pile up, an example of which is a 2010 study at the University of Chicago Sleep Research Laboratory, which found that sub-optimal sleep undermined efforts of participants to lose weight.

The key element to Quadra Cuts Night-Time is to provide a stimulant-free blend to aid in fat loss while helping you get quality sleep. This makes it an ideal partner with Emerge HC, which is a potent fat burner that supports and boosts quality energy, focus, and mood. While Emerge HC is ideal to start your day when an energy upswing is welcome, taking it later in the day could prove problematic for proper sleep cycles. Thus, an ideal situation would be to take your serving of Emerge HC in the morning and double down on your fat loss without compromising your sleep by using Quadra Cuts Night-Time prior to bed.

So, consider the 24/7 Burn System to support your journey to a fitter, leaner, you. Once you check off your nutrition, rest, exercise, and your foundation, it might be time to consider what auxiliary supplements can support your solid healthy base. Emerge HC and Quadra Cuts Night-Time do just that, allowing you to put fat loss supplementation on autopilot by supporting your goals of getting lean 24/7! Stop by your local Max Muscle Nutrition store to try these products out for yourself!

By Matt Cooper

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