Here's How You Can Win:

For every $100 you invest in your health with our top-tier supplements, you earn a golden entry to win two premium Club seats for the game on Christmas Eve at 1:00 pm.

 And guess what?

These aren't just any seats; they're Mike Pringle's personal seats, ensuring you get the VIP treatment you deserve.

FAQs for the Atlanta Falcons ticket giveaway promotion:

1. How do I qualify for the Atlanta Falcons ticket giveaway? For every purchase of $100 on supplements at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Stone Mountain, you will receive one entry into the giveaway. The more you purchase, the higher your chances of winning!

2. Can I enter the giveaway multiple times? Absolutely! Every time you spend $100 on supplements, either in-store or online (with pick-up in-store), you earn an entry. There's no limit to the number of times you can enter before the drawing date.

3. When will the drawing take place? The drawing will be held on December 16th. All entries will be compiled, and the winner will be chosen at random from this pool.

4. What exactly do I win if selected in the draw? The lucky winner will receive two Club seats to watch the Atlanta Falcons play against the Indianapolis Colts at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. These premium seats also grant you access to one of the on-site club/bar restaurants, where you'll enjoy all-inclusive food and beverages.

5. Is the game date fixed? Yes, the game is scheduled for 1:00 pm on Christmas Eve. It's a wonderful opportunity to either treat yourself or gift the experience to a loved one.

6. Can I exchange the tickets for cash or other rewards? No, the tickets are non-exchangeable and cannot be traded for cash or other in-store rewards. They are solely for the specified game and seating arrangement.

7. Must I be present during the drawing to win? No, you don't need to be present for the drawing. However, you'll need to visit the store to claim your prize.

8. Where can I find your store? Our Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store is situated at 5295 Stone Mountain Highway, Suite G, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087.

9. Can I reach out over the phone for more information? Absolutely! Feel free to call us at 678-344-1501. One of our certified fitness and nutrition coaches will be on hand to assist you.

10. Do I need to be a Georgia resident to participate?

No, residency in Georgia isn't a requirement. However, to be eligible, you must either make your purchase in-store or order online and pick it up from our store.

Experience Ultimate Fitness and Ultimate Football – Dive into Max Muscle's Elite Nutrition & Win a Premier Game Day Experience!

Order online Pickup In-store

To be eligible for our Atlanta Falcons ticket giveaway, purchases must be made in-store at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Stone Mountain.

If you prefer online shopping, don't fret! You can still be entered into the draw. Simply order your supplements online and choose the 'Pickup In-Store' option at checkout.

Once you collect your order from our store, you'll automatically be entered into the giveaway. It's that simple!


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